Our wholesale and logistics company will supply goods from Germany, Italy, Spain and other European and American countries by road, railway or sea transport to you. We deliver a huge variety of goods such as  equipment, clothing, plumbing fixtures, spare car parts as LTL or general cargo.   


Road transport possibilities

We have a large fleet of modern equipment designed for the transportation of goods of various types. We can transport your goods in tanks, open trucks, conventional containers and reefers, sprinters, bus cabins, open or pullman body. Road transport is suitable for bulk, loose and solid goods that are usually delivered as LTL, project, over-dimensional and dangerous cargo in these cases. It is easy to provide the customers with special deliveries from Italy, France, Portugal and other European countries by road transport.


Railway transport

Unlike other carriers, railway companies can deliver cargo of any dimensions, weight and volume to almost any region of Russia. They provide you with low costs, keeping the delivery time and almost lack of risks of damage or loss of goods. The railway transport allows you to control the delivery easily and minimizes the delivery time as much as possible.


Sea freight

We supply goods by sea from England, Greece, Turkey and other countries that have access to the sea and sea cargo ports. One of the advantages of this kind of transportation is low cost because of the ship’s deadweight tonnage.


Due to a wide variety of equipment, a customer can always be sure about the compliance with the storage and transportation requirements, so he does not need to overpay for inactive volume and carrying capacity.