We supply industrial equipment wholesale from Europe and the USA and provide you with a whole transportation process. Our company transports bulky, heavyweight and other cargoes that require special permits, drawing up the documents and compliance with all the transportation requirements. You can order the deliveries from England, Italy, Germany and other countries by road, sea, railway or air transport. We deliver both LTL and general cargoes.


Organization and implementation features of industrial equipment wholesale supplies

Quality of equipment deliveries from France, Turkey, Switzerland and other countries depends on the accuracy and adequacy of the information about the customer’s goods. You need to know the product’s weight, dimensions and material, and the goods need to have marking and technical and forwarding documents.


Wholesale supply stages:

  1. Preparatory activities. They include working out of the appropriate route, documents preparation and agreement on the delivery date.
  2. Obtain a license. To transport goods from Spain, Portugal, Greece and other countries, you have to comply with their laws.
  3. Reconnaissance survey. It is needed when transporting over-dimensional cargo.
  4. Getting equipment ready. This means dismantling activity and cargo packing.
  5. Loading activity. Depending on the weight and dimensions of the goods, we select a means of transportation, load and fix the equipment.
  6. Transportation and discharge. This includes delivery to the receiver, discharge, integrity and completeness checking.


The best way to supply the equipment from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and other countries wholesale is a logistics company. It can guarantee you the cargo safety, transportation efficiency and cost minimization.