Export, import, cargo deliveries

Lazonex provides logistics services to its customers. You can export your goods from Europe or import from to Russia and other countries from European countries.


Comprehensive logistics services include such services as supplies of goods to the drawing unit, cargo customs clearance, international transportation, warehousing services and cargo deposit.

Lazonex acts not only as a transportation organizer and customs broker, but also solves the most complicated tasks in the comprehensive logistics area.

Our core area is the second-hand and stock clothes supplies on a direct basis from Europe without intermediaries. But we also provide the supplies of industrial equipment, plumbing fixtures and products including meat, cheese, etc. including the CIS, including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

International trade

Every Russian company can face many inconveniences when working in the international trade area, for example:

You need to have a high proficiency level in this area and fulfill a number of legal obligations, including the obligations to the customs service of the Russian Federation and foreign exchange controls;

You need to cooperate with different juridical persons (a seller, a trading firm, customs service, a bank) on an agreed and monetary basis.

Now our company will take over all these responsibilities for you.

Importation of equipment

It is very risky to import the equipment, you are also not protected from some economic complexities and pitfalls of the law.

When you outsource the search for equipment, its purchase and supplies from abroad to others, it allows your company to receive cargo for consumption in Russia without being a member of the international trade. Lazonex acts in professional capacity for industrial cargo transportation.

Our experts will help you with customs clearance on the border of the Russian Federation, represent you in the customs service and provide you with a full set of documents for import and export of the goods.