If you are interested in profitable purchasing of large batches of the spare parts, then we offer you our high-quality delivery service. We supply spare parts such as body parts, engines, mufflers, dashboards, hardware, clutch systems, airbags and other stuff for cars, motorcycles, buses, special equipment of any brands and manufacturers. We deliver them from the USA as well as from Germany, Italy, Spain and other European countries as LTL or general cargo.


Organization and implementation features of spare parts wholesale supplies

When you transport a wide variety of small goods in one container, you need to know how to draw up all the necessary documents. You should also avoid additional customs formalities, because they always lead to extra expenses and slow supply. That is why we are keenly focused on the FEACN and guarantee that there will be no troubles with customs clearance and the supplies from Portugal, France, Greece and other countries will be quick and with no additional costs.


The service includes:

  1. Expert advice on the customs duty rate for a wide range of the spare parts from Europe and the USA.
  2. Obtaining certification and declaration of spare parts and other goods.
  3. Obtaining all kinds of licenses.
  4. Transfer of goods for secure storage.
  5. Expert’s assistance during the customs clearance.


A customer can draw up the documents and calculate the duty rate for both large assemblies and each particular part. He can always be sure of the goods safety, the integrity of packaging, marking, unique number and other identifications.