We offer profitable cooperation to sellers of foreign-made plumbing fixtures. Our logistics company is engaged in supplying the plumbing fixtures from Europe and the USA wholesale. We guarantee you to deliver your goods quickly, safe and at a reasonable price. Due to our considerable background and employees’ competence, the company can ensure the prompt customs clearance without extra time and money expenses.


Viable solution to international transportation issues

Goods come to the Russian market from Greece, Spain, Portugal and other countries. Unlike sellers, the customer does not think about how and who supplies foreign products to Russia. He is not aware about all the difficulties in this area. Our company provides you with foreign-made goods supplies and ensures perfect work without any troubles during the customs clearance.


We supply the following kinds of plumbing fixtures:

  1. Shower cabins of various dimensions, designs and prices.
  2. Bathtubs made from modern and conventional materials.
  3. Urinals, toilets and bidets for public and private washrooms.
  4. Sinks of different dimensions and designs.
  5. Other sanitary goods for the plumbing and sewerage systems such as pipes, isolation valves, seals, filters and other parts.


We provide our services at an affordable cost. You can always contact us and we will calculate it for you. All you need is just to describe the required goods in detail.