One of the advantages of our wholesale and logistics company is competency due to considerable experience in working with a huge number of orders. We have been supplying goods from Turkey, Finland, Denmark and other countries for many years. During the whole our activity we have built steady partnership relations with large reliable carriers that have road, sea, air and railway transport. Thanks to their excellent work and our managerial skills, customers always receive the goods on time and without any damages.

We are proud of…

… a huge number of perfectly performed orders. We work out routes, prepare accounting instruments, assist our customers, control the whole transportation process on our own. Our services are available in 123 countries. Due to our cooperation with the leaders of the cargo insurance market, we can offer you favorable rates for the services of coverage of your goods from all risks.


Our wholesale and logistics company provides you with:

  1. Wholesale supplies of industrial equipment, spare parts for cars and other equipment, second-hand, stock and new clothes, plumbing fixtures and pipeline system parts.
  2. Safety of the transported goods. We are responsible for the safety of the goods and services during the whole transportation along the selected route.
  3. Flexible payment terms and a choice of the wire transfer way convenient to the customer.
  4. Expert advice. Our experts are available for the customers at any time. You can ask them any question or inquire information about the location of your goods.


If you want to know all the benefits of cooperation with our company, you should make use of our services. Contact our representative for a quick and easy ordering.