We are a wholesale and logistics company that provides on-time supplies of various goods from Portugal, Greece, Turkey and other countries to the Russian market. We can supply you clothes, equipment, spare car parts, plumbing fixtures and other goods. Our experts will assist you throughout the whole transportation process, including customs clearance, logistics development, preparation of forwarding documents etc.

Service features

We carry out wholesale supplies of goods on a door-to-door basis, so our clients do not need to solve complicated tasks related to this area and spend their time and money on efficient logistics development on their own. We use all types of transport and comprehensive third-party logistics to ensure you superior service.


Wholesale and logistics services:

  1. Confirming paperwork. You need to fill out different papers and forms, create price lists, prepare accounting instruments and be even more busy with other paperwork in order to supply goods from Turkey, Greece, Finland and other countries. Our specialists can easily cope with all of this work in compliance with the current statutory requirements.
  2. Marking. The marking is not an easy procedure. We are always available for you to help you understand this subject better and provide expert advice.
  3. Door-to-door supplies. The customer does not have to think about how the foreign-made goods got to his trading marketplace anymore.
  4. Expert assistance. We provide you the expert assistance in solving any issues related to the wholesale supplies of goods.
  5. Handing over of documents after unloading the goods at the receiver's warehouse.


We cooperate with customers engaged in trading in various regions of Russia. Our company delivers goods as LTL or general cargo and allows you to track the transportation process in real-time mode. We are engaged in supplying second-hand, stock and new clothes of different prices to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan from Europe and the USA.