Due to the current situation, our clients are faced with the problem of transferring funds to foreign sellers. Many services have stopped working on the territory of the Russian Federation and now transfers are possible only through intermediaries. But this is not always fair and reliable. We want our customers not to experience inconveniences and continue to work smoothly even in sanctions! Therefore, we offer such a service as foreign currency payments abroad.

How we work:
- We accept cash or non–cash funds in Russia - we work “in white”, without questionable schemes.
- We transfer money abroad to a foreign seller through a European company – we work with both legal entities and individuals.
- You receive services or goods.

We make payments abroad to the supplier in Europe, Asia and America. We work honestly and officially! By cooperating with us, you save time and nerves – you do not need to look for intermediaries, worry about the integrity of the transaction, pay huge commissions. Your seller is guaranteed to receive all the necessary amount in full.

If you still have questions about currency transfers abroad, ask them by email, contact phone number, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber.