The logistics company organizes international transportation of seeds from Europe. High-quality vegetable seeds from a trusted supplier will guarantee a generous season for agricultural companies and amateur gardeners from all over the CIS. We specialize in the sale of certified seed material from the best companies in Europe, we supply from France, Italy, Spain and other countries. This gives us the opportunity to guarantee the quality of delivery and favorable conditions for cooperation.

Implementation of wholesale delivery:
1. Getting information about the order.
2. Study of tariffs and delivery dates from European countries.
3. The choice of the necessary method of delivery of the order, taking into account the provided price list.
4. Delivery of seed material to the recipient.

By entrusting us with the wholesale delivery of seeds from Europe, we guarantee the integrity of the goods and packaging to the customer during the delivery of the goods.

Advantages of cooperation with us when ordering seeds in bulk directly from Europe

You will greatly facilitate the sowing process if you decide to order a wholesale supply of seeds from Italy, Germany, France and other countries. Among our main advantages it is worth noting:

- We cooperate with the best transport companies in Europe.
- We do not limit the buyer in the size of the wholesale order of seed material.
- We organize fast delivery from Europe to the CIS countries.
- We draw up documentation and permission for the delivery of seed material from Portugal, Spain, Germany and other countries.