The logistics company organizes international transportation of food products from Europe. High-quality food products, including syrah and jamon from a trusted supplier. We specialize in the delivery of products from the best companies in Europe, we make deliveries from France, Italy, Spain and other countries. This gives us the opportunity to guarantee the quality of delivery and favorable conditions for cooperation.

Implementation of wholesale delivery:

1. Getting information about the order.
2. Study of tariffs and delivery dates from European countries.
3. The choice of the necessary method of delivery of the order, taking into account the provided price list.
4. Delivery of products to the recipient.

By entrusting us with the wholesale delivery of food products from Europe, we guarantee the integrity of the goods and packaging to the customer during the delivery of the goods.

If you are a lover of ham and cheese from Europe, but do not know where and how they can be purchased, then delivery can help you. Today, more and more people are ordering products from Europe via the Internet for their personal use or for gifts to their relatives and friends.

One of the most popular products that can be ordered from Europe is Spanish ham (or Spanish ham). This product is made from the hind legs of pigs, which are salted and aged for several months or even years. This process provides a unique taste and aroma that makes Spanish jamon a favorite product of many gourmets.

Another popular product that can be ordered from Europe is various types of cheese. French, Dutch, Italian and other cheeses are so delicious and diverse that you can choose one of them only after long reflection and taking time for tasting.

How to order Spanish ham and European cheeses:

To order Spanish jamon and European cheeses, you need to find a reliable supplier and choose the right product. Usually the best European products can be purchased in specialized stores that work with suppliers from different countries.

However, the most convenient and profitable way to buy ham and cheese from Europe is an online order through an online store. Today, most online stores provide delivery services for their goods around the world.

If you want to order Spanish jamon in an online store, then you need to know how to determine its quality. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics:

1. Type of ham
2. Manufacturer and brand
3. Hamon's age
4. Characteristics of fat and meat
5. Availability of a quality certificate.

Some online stores provide additional services, such as product selection consultations, order processing and delivery to the specified location.

If you like Spanish jamon and European cheeses, you can try to order them from Europe through the online store. This is a convenient and fast way to get high-quality products directly to your home. The main thing is to choose a reliable supplier and place an order taking into account all the necessary characteristics and requirements.