Global forwarding and freight transportation from Greece or other countries needs to prepare and legalize documents, pay state duties and various fees, maintain the supplies of different types of cargo, ensure the safety of the transported goods, packaging and marking. These and other obligations of our company are specified in the contract which the customer signs after careful reading. We provide our customers with advice on detailed legal, financial and foreign economy issues. We are focused on second-hand and stock goods wholesale delivering directly from Europe, but we also supply other goods such as spare car parts and others.



It is a necessary part of cargo transportation from Sweden and other countries. We provide every customer with a skilled employee who fulfills all the duties with great responsibility.


What our employee does:

  1. Searches for the appropriate route and a means of transport for the goods deliveries from Turkey and other countries.
  2. Prepares and legalizes all the necessary documents.
  3. Provides the necessary requirements for storing cargo in consolidation warehouses.
  4. Checks the package integrity, marking, provides the loading and unloading of the goods and their delivery.
  5. Goes through the customs clearance.
  6. Attend at the cargo offload.


Other duties

When delivering goods from Finland or another country, the customer can get all the necessary information from the forwarder at any time. Our agent fixes any problems in cooperation with us and other partners. You can always be aware of your goods current location and their arrival.