Modern customer service means multifold possibilities of providing affordable and safe cargo transportation. A company needs to have access to air, rail, road and sea transport to provide its customers with excellent 3PL-service. Furthermore, its accountants, logistics experts, lawyers and other employees have to be armed with knowledge and experience, be high-skilled in their area and able to quickly and efficiently complete required tasks.


Our service list includes:

  1. Cargo transportation from Denmark and other countries.
  2. Consolidation of cargo in the special warehouses.
  3. Support of deliveries from Switzerland and other countries to the receiver.
  4. Timely informing of customers.
  5. Forwarding.
  6. Making a return.
  7. Cooperation with insurance companies.



We use class A and B warehouses, means of transport of various weight carrying capacity and consolidation warehouses. Modern infrastructure is necessary for prompt and high-quality processing of cargo flows, increasing employee’s efficiency and maintenance exceptional customer service. All of this makes third-party logistics possible.


Features of third-party logistics provider

An outstanding feature of third-party logistics providers is responsibility in all areas of outsourcing. The company fixes all the arising problems and compensate for any losses to its customers. It uses computer-aided support that makes it easy to manage logistics processes and allows to offer competitive prices for all services.