The modern market of household chemicals offers a wide selection of goods that are necessary in everyday life. Washing powders, capsules for washing dishes, detergents, cleaning products and other products from this group alternate on store shelves. Many of them are produced by foreign companies, which often guarantees high quality and originality of the product. In addition, thanks to wholesale delivery from Europe and America, you can buy goods of this category at an acceptable price, which allows you to significantly save on costs.

Washing powders and liquid detergents are one of the most popular household chemicals. They are used every day in most houses and apartments, and are also used in commercial organizations. Wholesale delivery of washing powders from Europe and America allows you to buy products of famous brands such as Ariel, Persil, Tide, Lenor, Bold, Surf and others. It is possible to choose powders of different concentrations and with a persistent or instantaneous effect.

Capsules for washing dishes are also in demand by consumers. They have become popular in recent years. This is due to its simplicity and ease of use. Most capsules do not require a dosage, because they have standard sizes. Instead, you just need to throw them in the dishwasher and the program will start automatically. In addition to simplicity, wholesale delivery of capsules for washing dishes also allows you to significantly save on costs by buying these products from leading manufacturers such as Finish, Somat, Calgonit, Sunlight, Electrosol, etc.

Detergents are an integral part of household chemicals. They help to clean various surfaces in the room, remove stains from clothes and disinfect them. Wholesale delivery of detergents from Europe and America allows you to choose products with different properties and flavors. Well-known detergent manufacturers include Domestos, CIF, Mr Muscle, Cillit Bang, Frosch, etc.

Household chemicals are not only convenience, but also safety. All detergents, washing powders and other products have the appropriate quality certificates and hygienic conclusions, which guarantees their safety for human health. Therefore, choosing products of this category on the wholesale market, you can be sure of their safety and quality.

In addition, wholesale purchase of household chemicals allows you to significantly save on costs, since foreign manufacturers often offer goods at a relatively low price. However, it is worth paying attention to the quality of products, carefully checking their certificates and ordering from reliable suppliers.

Wholesale delivery of household chemicals from Europe and America with the help of our logistics company is convenience, economy and quality. Remote ordering makes it possible to buy high-quality and safe household chemicals from the best manufacturers in the world at an affordable price. A reliable partner-a wholesale supplier will help with the selection of goods and prompt delivery to any city in Russia.

The organization of international transportation of household chemicals from Europe and America is as follows:

1. Obtaining order information and preparing documents with suppliers from Europe.
2. Processing and analysis of cargo in the warehouse.
3. Registration of documentation and permits for transportation.
4. Customs inspection and control of the goods throughout the entire transportation.
5. Individual route for delivery.
6. Delivery to CIS countries, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Our logistics company will help you at all stages.