Wholesale supply of automotive oils and filters is one of the most popular services in the auto parts market. This is due to the fact that the availability of high–quality oil and filters is one of the important aspects of the safety and economy of the car owner. Our company offers its services in the wholesale supply of automotive oils and filters from Europe.

Our logistics company will help you at all stages of delivery. We will provide a full range of services for the delivery of goods to any point in Russia. We will do the preparatory work, obtaining permits, transportation and unloading – our team of professionals will help you at all stages.

The first stage is preparatory work. At this stage, we determine the optimal delivery route, develop documentation, and agree on deadlines. We will also help with the payment of the goods. Your payment will be accepted officially from Russia, and we will pay the supplier in Europe without any unnecessary intermediaries. Thus, you will be able to save on payment and get the goods at a bargain price.

At the second stage, we obtain the necessary permits for the transportation of goods. We comply with all standards applicable in the countries from where we deliver your order.

Transportation preparation and loading operations are the third and fourth stages. We undertake the dismantling and packing of cargo, the selection of transport depending on the weight and dimensions, we load and secure equipment for safe transportation.

The fifth and final stage is transportation and unloading. We deliver your order to the recipient, unload it, check the integrity and completeness. All goods arrive at the recipient's warehouse in one piece.

Our company offers wholesale supply of automotive oils and filters from Europe. We guarantee high quality products and a professional approach to each client. If you need high–quality auto parts and wholesale delivery services, please contact us! Our logistics company is ready to help you at all stages of delivery.