Wholesale supply of goods for the bath is one of the most important areas of our work. We make sure that each of our clients receives high-quality products that will satisfy their needs and lead to a noticeable improvement in the comfort of their baths. But exceptionally good products are only half the success.

An important part of our work is the organization of logistics and delivery. Many customers have already worked with us and know that our logistics company can help at all stages of wholesale delivery of goods for the bath – starting with the selection of goods and ending with shipment to the recipient's warehouse.

One of the first stages of wholesale delivery is preparatory work. At this stage, we develop the optimal route for cargo transportation, coordinate deadlines and prepare the necessary documents, make payment for the goods. Our logistics company provides payment services for goods with official funds from Russia and money transfer to a supplier in Europe, which facilitates the payment process and removes unnecessary hassle.

An important point at the stage of cargo transportation is obtaining the necessary permits. The logistics company is much easier and faster to process all the necessary documents and approvals for the transportation of cargo from other countries.

At the stage of transportation preparation, we take care of the correct packing of the cargo, dismantling of the equipment and its packaging. We provide qualified employees who will pick up the transport and place the goods in such a way as to guarantee its safety and reliability.

Wholesale delivery of goods for the bath requires special care when loading and unloading cargo. Our team of professional employees will make sure that the cargo is loaded onto the transport and arrives safely at the recipient's warehouse.

Our clients can be sure that when working with us they will receive only the best services and goods. Our logistics company facilitates the process of wholesale delivery of goods for the bath, makes it convenient, fast and reliable. We guarantee high quality services and assistance at all stages of delivery.