Wholesale supply of household and garden goods from Europe is a great opportunity for businesses to get quality products at a bargain price. However, in order for everything to be successful, you need the help of a professional logistics company.

At the first stage of wholesale delivery, preparatory work is carried out, including the development of an optimal delivery route, preparation of necessary documents and coordination of deadlines. Our logistics company will help you to cope with these tasks.

To transport various goods from Spain, Portugal, Greece and other countries, it is necessary to obtain permits and comply with the standards in force in these countries. Our staff knows all the nuances and will help you get the necessary permits.

Engineering intelligence is necessary when transporting oversized cargo to determine the possibility of moving equipment along the route. We will conduct a field visit and prepare a thorough analysis of possible obstacles on the route.

Preparation of equipment is a very important stage that requires a professional approach. Our specialists will carry out work on dismantling and packing the cargo to ensure its safety during transportation.

Depending on the weight and dimensions of the cargo, we will select the optimal transport and carry out loading operations. Our company has professionally trained employees who have all the necessary equipment for loading operations.

Transportation and unloading is the last stage of our work, which includes cargo delivery to the recipient, unloading, checking the integrity and completeness of the goods. Our employees guarantee the safety of the goods along the entire route.

Thus, the wholesale supply of household and garden goods from Europe with the help of our logistics company is easy and profitable. We guarantee a professional approach to each stage of delivery and safe transportation of goods. Contact us and get the most favorable terms of cooperation!