Wholesale supply of animal products from Europe to Russia is a profitable offer for entrepreneurs engaged in the sale of animal feed and accessories in Russia. Many products are manufactured in Europe, which is why their quality is high. Getting such goods through a logistics company is simple and profitable.

A logistics company will help at all stages of the wholesale supply of pet products. This means that we will control all stages of delivery, starting from preparatory work and ending with transportation and unloading. Each stage takes place within the agreed deadlines, and without problems from the technical side.

Preparatory work

The first stage is preparatory work. We will develop the optimal route, prepare documentation, agree on deadlines and help with the payment of the goods. You can count on the official debiting of money through our company. Payment for the goods is made officially from Russia. We will pay to the supplier in Europe, Asia, America. As a result, you use the services of foreign suppliers, and you will not be engaged in payment.

Obtaining permissions

The second stage is obtaining permits. To transport various goods from Spain, Portugal, Greece and other countries of the world, it is required to comply with the standards in force in these countries. We guarantee that all necessary permits will be obtained by us in advance so that the cargo successfully passes customs control.

Engineering intelligence

The third stage is engineering exploration. It is needed when transporting oversized cargo to determine the possibility of moving cargo along the route. Thanks to our logistics company, you can be sure that the transportation will take place without problems. We will study the road, route features and methods of transportation so that the cargo is successfully delivered to its destination.

Transportation preparation

The fourth stage is the preparation of transportation. It includes work on dismantling and packing the cargo. Thanks to the experience and skills of our employees, we can handle the packaging of any cargo, including bulky equipment. Cargo safety is taken into account by our specialists at all stages of transportation, so that you can be sure of the safety of the contents and insure it if required.

Loading operations

The fifth stage is loading operations. We will select the transport depending on the weight and dimensions, load and secure the equipment. Thus, you can be sure that your goods will be delivered safely.

Transportation and unloading

The sixth and final stage is transportation and unloading. It includes delivery to the recipient, unloading, checking the integrity and completeness. We guarantee that all goods will be delivered to their destination as soon as possible, safe and complete.

Thus, the wholesale supply of animal products from Europe is an easy and profitable way to get high–quality products for your business. Our logistics company is ready to assist at all stages so that your wholesale delivery is successful and without problems. We provide the optimal route, official payment, obtaining permits, engineering exploration, transportation preparation, loading, transportation and unloading.