We supply goods on a door-to-door basis from Spain, Greece, Turkey and other countries to Russia. “On a door-to-door basis” means that a wholesale and logistics company is responsible for every activity during the whole transportation process from the shipper’s warehouse to the receiver's one. The customer does not need to control this process, worry about possible troubles, additional expenses and other circumstances related to the deliveries.


Service features

To perform cargo transportation from France, Finland, Denmark and other countries, we draw up export and transit documents, pay customs duties, develop routes, communicate with carriers and track the goods until the delivery to the receiver.


Door-to-door deliveries are provided with:

  1. truck
  2. sea transport
  3. cargo aircraft
  4. railway transport


Working process

To deliver the goods from Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries, our employee picks it up from the consolidation warehouse or from the place specified by the customer. Then the employee turns the goods over to the carrier. The carrier supplies the cargo by rail, air, road or sea transport to Russia, undergoes customs clearance and delivers it to the receiver. After the cargo arrives at the required place, we inform our customer about the arrival. Cooperation terminates after the successful goods receipt.


We pick up the goods regardless of their current location ourselves deliver the goods directly to the door of your warehouse. We deliver the products even to any hard-to-reach area and do not increase the delivery time.